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Work Disinfecting 101
November 15, 2020 at 8:00 AM

When hiring a company to take care of your work disinfecting, particularly during Covid, you may not realize that there is such a thing as "too much" disinfecting and that the right company will know what is "just right." There are guidelines that the pros will know like the back of their hand for the frequency of disinfecting and more. The experts at Disinfect-it - residential disinfecting service Baltimore - can properly clean your environment.

The Guidelines for Work Disinfecting

Surfaces that are highly touched (light switches, desks, and door handles) should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected while surfaces that are not highly touched should be cleaned at a lower frequency. This will reduce the cost of maintaining a clean work environment while preventing the misapplication of the disinfectant. Carefully consider the disinfecting process for food contact surfaces. While some of the cleaning products are safe to use near food, most of them require a potable water rinse. It is also important to consider if it is economical or efficient to clean walls and ceilings. Know that all products for disinfecting are not created equal. Products like bleach and peroxide can cause damage to the human body and others less potent can still be hazardous. Make sure you know the hazard risks before you purchase the product. Applications like fogging allow those in the environment to inhale micro-droplets of it. Remember that the purpose of cleaning is to eliminate the number of pathogens that can multiply which reduces the risk of transmission through touch. Need a residential disinfecting service Baltimore to help you keep a clean and safe atmosphere? Disinfect-it has you covered.

Disinfect-it: Residential Disinfecting Service Baltimore

At Disinfect-it, we offer residential and commercial disinfecting. We believe that during these times, everyone deserves an outstanding cleaning service. We provide the most effective service in the DMV area for residences of all sizes. Our EPA-tested and proven sprays are family, pet, and food-surface safe and kill 99.9% of germs found in your home which is far more effective than a regular cleaning job. Get a free quote today for your residential or work disinfecting service!