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Water Damage Restoration

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We Are water damage restoration experts

Unfortunately, pipes break, appliances leak, washers and toilets overflow, sump pumps fail, it rains heavily, the list goes on and on. In these events, water damage restoration must be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible following any sort of water intrusion. Put simply, water mitigation is lessening the impact of a disaster by reducing the potential damage caused by water after a leak or a flood.

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The need for swift action comes down to the fact that standing water potentially becomes more contaminated and dangerous the longer it’s left untreated. As water sits in place, the risk of overall damage to the affected and surrounding areas increases. As a result, water mitigation plays an important part in any water damage restoration plan.

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About Our Water Damage Restoration

At Disinfect-It, we offer 24-hour emergency service for homes and businesses and have an extensive inventory of drying equipment – air blowers and movers, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras and more.

Using professional water drying equipment, Disinfect-It will ensure damage to your property is minimized as quickly as possible and will soon be returned to its pre loss conditions. No loops, no trial an error, no back and forth; just work, integrity and results.

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About Our Water Damage Restoration
Our IICRC certified technicians will:
  • safely remove and dispose of unsalvageable debris
  • remove standing water
  • extract water from your flooring, including carpeting and padding
  • apply antimicrobial treatment to affected surfaces to prevent mold & mildew
  • disinfect & sanitize affected areas
  • search for hidden pockets of water with high tech moisture meters
  • thoroughly dry affected surfaces
  • completely restore your property to its preexisting condition

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Disinfect-It


I love Disinfect-It. I always come out with what I asked for, including the advice that comes with years of experience.

Lola Gibbs
Operations Lead, General Entropy

The only service I will trust for my business, they do it right every time and make you feel like they really care. You can tell they’re in it to help people and that feels good during these uncertain times.

Patrick Cloyd
State Farm
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