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Break Room Cleaning and Disinfecting
December 15, 2020 at 1:30 PM

When you're having your place of work professionally disinfected, there's a lot to consider. One of the most highly trafficked areas to be cleaned is usually the break room, and it requires careful consideration. Frequently touched surfaces, like a coffee pot or refrigerator handle may not be remembered in routine cleaning, meaning they need a deeper sanitization when the pros are called in. If you and your maintenance team take some increased steps toward keeping things clean on a regular basis, then you'll be able to cultivate a healthier workplace without having to take drastic measures or worry about everyone's safety. If you need residential disinfecting Baltimore, you can count on Disinfect-it to adequately provide break room cleaning.

Strategies for Break Room Cleaning

Refrigerators, counters and sinks, floors, and trash receptacles are "hot spots" where germs gather. It's likely there are forgotten birthday cake leftovers and condiments in the refrigerator. Not only do they cause odors, but the mold they've accumulated can cause serious illness. Always throw out personal food before the weekend. The inside of a refrigerator and freezer should be sanitized once a week. Handles and the freezer ice scoop should be sanitized daily. Since germs thrive in a damp environment, sponges should be avoided. Dishes should be cleaned immediately. It's advised to keep an RTU hand sanitizer in the area. Sometimes floors are overlooked, but they need to be swept and mopped regularly. Not only can spilled drinks cause slips and falls, but they carry a plethora of germs from the bottom of shoes. Trash bags should be removed regularly and the garbage can should be cleaned. Keeping the work environment clean is imperative for the safety of customers and employees. At Disinfect-it our sprays are safe and environmentally friendly. They eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, microbes, and more.

Disinfect-it Offers Residential Disinfecting Baltimore

Our EPA ULV Spray System has 100% coverage and kills 99.9% of the germs, bacteria, and viruses found in all businesses. Since foggers emit microdroplets, they float in the air after application and reach the places where conventional cleaning cannot reach. Fill out this form to get a free quote!