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Sewage Backup at Home?
November 30, 2021 at 1:30 PM
sewage backup cleanup in Baltimore MD

Blockage occurs when sewage lines get clogged, making it impossible for wastewater to flow through drainage pipes. As soon as you discover that you have a sewage backlog in your home, take action. Disinfect-It team of sewage backup cleanup in Baltimore MD provides an estimate and a time frame for your project.

You can prevent sewer backups if you know what causes them.

Causes for Sewage Backups in the Home

If you are having trouble with backups, you can learn about some of the causes of this problem and how to fix it.

  • The most common cause for backups is an improper septic system or drain field.
  • Another cause for blockage in the sewer is an incorrect use of water main shutoffs and drain valves, which can lead to disconnection of the sanitary drainage systems.
  • If there are tree roots in your sewer line, they can cause blockages that result in backups or even floods in your home.
  • A blocked toilet pipe also creates a backup situation because it stops drainage from entering your home's drain and leading to problems such as clogged pipes and odor. Call on a company for sewage backup cleanup in Baltimore to help you figure out the issue in question.

How To Prevent Sewage Backups in the Future

Blockage in the sewer is the most common sanitary problem in residential areas. Blocked pipes to toilet tissue can cause it. Prevent sewer backups in the future by following these steps:

  • Install a high-quality water softener and maintain it regularly.
  • Sanitize all the equipment with chlorine bleach.
  • Check your septic tanks and make sure they are working properly.
  • Maintain drain lines regularly and make sure they are free of debris.

Steps To Take for Sewage Backup Cleanup in Baltimore MD

If the sewage clogs in the home, you should call an emergency plumber to clean up the mess and check for any damage to your property.

The following are steps that you should take if there is a sewage clog:

  • Turn off the main water supply to your home or apartment.
  • Do not flush any toilet.
  • Do not use any bathroom sink, bathtub, or shower until trained personnel has professionally cleaned it using the proper equipment and chemicals to sanitize the water supply system and remove all harmful bacteria from it.
  • Turn off all water heaters in your home or apartment building's water system.
  • Close all doors leading into rooms that have a blockage in the sewer in them and do not use them until professionally cleaned.

If you need professional sewage backup cleanup in Baltimore MD, contact Disinfect-It.