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Disinfecting Services

24 Hour Emergency Service | Immediate Response Time


University/Schools, Restaurants, Churches, Daycare Centers, Health Clubs, Office Buildings, Fleet Vehicles, Medical Centers, and more.

It is imperative to keep your work environment safe for customers and employees. Inaction during this pandemic could lead to a local outbreak that continues to hurt our economy and communities. 80% of our clients have reported back to us an increase in foot traffic after using our disinfecting services and bearing our "Serviced By" sticker on their front doors.

home sanitizing service in baltimore

Our commitment to our communities is where our dedication comes from. Whether you live in a 1000 SF apartment or a 10,000 SF Estate, we will deliver quality service that keeps your family safe. We take pride in offering our service at affordable rates because every American deserves the peace of mind during these trying times.