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Curious about Equipment for Water Mitigation?
July 30, 2021 at 8:30 AM

The recommended moisture levels in a home should range between 30-60%, depending on your location. Therefore, it is imperative to find a water mitigation company in Owings Mills MD to help you assess the damage to the structures for restoration. Water mitigation professionals always have the right equipment to ensure recommended property moisture levels.

Equipment For Water Mitigation in Owings Mills MD

You may be wondering how water mitigation companies detect moisture in porous and creviced walls. IICRC-certified technicians use tools to accurately detect moisture and place drying equipment in the right places. Therefore, equipment such as the moisture meters remain pivotal in detecting moist areas and monitoring dry out progress in moist properties.

What Is a Moisture Meter?

Every water mitigation company's biggest asset is the moisture meter, which detects the moisture content in wall and floors. Building inspectors often use the moisture meters to indent and mitigate moisture buildup effects. This essential instrument remains essential remain critical in the restoration contractor's efforts to ensure dryness upon completion. However, the accuracy of the moist meters remains reliant on different factors such as the aptitude of the user, type of moisture meter, moist meter brand, and material a contractor's tests.

3 Common Types of Moisture Meters

Pin-Type Meter

With up to two pins, water mitigation technicians can measure moisture on deep surfaces. Every water mitigation company in Owings Mills MD must have these moisture meters due to advantages such as:

  • Effectiveness in recording accurate results in uneven material surfaces
  • Real-time test results

Pinless Moisture Meter

A company working on surfaces such as floors that require zero material penetration to detect moisture beneath tiles prefer the pinless moisture meter. This device features the electrical impedance principle to detect moisture

All-In-One Moisture Meter

It utilizes principle from two different meters: pin-type and pinless meter, to identify the general area before pinpointing the precise moisture buildup location. As a result, it remains the most convenient tool for every water mitigation company in Owings Mills MD.

Find a Reliable Water Mitigation Company in Owings Mills MD

If you are a Baltimore resident who has recently experienced water damage due to disasters such as floods, you do not wish to experience mold and mildew growth. Contact us for water mitigation services. We are a committed water mitigation company in Owings Mills MD dedicated to enhancing your building's safety.