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5 Common Water Cleanup Errors

Water damage is one of the most common and damaging problems that homeowners face. The stress associated with repairing the damage and restoring your house to its original state can be extremely overwhelming. On top of that, the last thing you want to do is make errors during the water cleanup procedure that might endanger you or worsen the issue in general. To prevent these common water cleanup errors, the best course of action is to call a professional cleaning and water damage restoration company. Disinfect-It is available to assist you in the Maryland area!

Waiting Too Long

This is perhaps the biggest error a homeowner can make following a disaster. Every minute matters when it comes to water damage. The longer your property is soaked with standing water or excessive moisture, the more probable it will sustain structural damage and mold will begin to spread throughout. Within 24-48 hours following the initial flooding, mold might begin to form. That is not to say that if the standing water is removed, mold will not grow. Moisture left behind after the water that takes longer to dry might still support mold development. Contact a water cleanup company as soon as possible following a flood to begin the water cleanup procedure immediately.

Not Accounting For Hidden Dangers

If standing water has flooded your property’s floor, there may be dangers lurking beneath the surface. These dangers include the possibility of electrical shock, sanitation issues caused by damaged plumbing lines or contamination by germs and/or mold, unstable flooring, hidden debris such as broken glass or metal items, and burst gas lines. Before reentering any property that has experienced severe water damage, you should contact a professional water cleanup company to do an inspection and guarantee the property’s safety.

Missing The Details

While motivational speakers may urge you not to sweat the small stuff, minor details count when it comes to water cleanup. When a property has water damage, the water penetrates into everything and has the potential to ruin anything it comes into contact with. Oftentimes, water damage does not manifest itself until weeks after a disaster, when you detect an unusual odor or discover toxic black mold growing in an area you thought was completely cleaned. A water cleanup specialist is trained to check for hidden water damage, such as subflooring or damage to the inside of furniture.

Using Improper Equipment

It’s tempting for homeowners to attempt self-management of water damage with a wet/dry vacuum, a couple of buckets, and some mops. The issue with this sort of equipment is that it is not designed to withstand the level of damage produced by a flood or large leak. Simply said, without the assistance of the proper water cleanup equipment, the items in your house are unable to remove all of the moisture and water or entirely dry the area. Investing in drying and water extraction equipment is critical for successfully restoring a water damaged property. To remove water from walls, insulation, and upholstery, you’ll need commercial-grade fans and dehumidifiers.

Not Calling The Pros

Every day, people attempt do-it-yourself water cleanup. Typically, this does not end well. Water cleanup is a complicated procedure that involves industrial-grade equipment, personnel, and time that can be provided only by a professional water cleanup company. Not to mention the safety risks associated with water cleanup, which require experienced contractors to have the required equipment and knowledge to do the task properly.

Hopefully, this helps you avoid making any of these common errors in the future, putting yourself and your home at unnecessary risk. Please do not hesitate to contact Disinfect-It so we can assist you in reestablishing normality in your house with the least amount of stress and inconvenience possible.

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