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Disinfection, Decontamination, and Restoration Services
24/7 Emergency Water, Fire, Mold, Sewage & Disinfecting Services

At Disinfect-It, we believe in standing behind our community, after all, it’s the place we call home. Whether it’s where you spend weekend Uno tournaments with your family or your place of business; we vow to work ethically, efficiently, and around the clock. The customer is the focus of our business because, without you, there is not community to serve.

Our goal is to focus on each client individually, you’ll have constant contact with our team and we’ll be sure to update you with every step. We have helped hundreds of business owners and homeowners protect and maintain their investments with our water damage restoration, disinfecting and carpet cleaning services. And know, that a portion of proceeds will always be donated towards a local, charitable cause. At Disinfect-It, we don’t see jobs, we see acts of service and ways to help our immediate community.

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Our Promises

✅ 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED
✅ 24 Hour Emergency Service
✅ Immediate response time
✅ Best rated restoration contractor in Greater Baltimore Region
✅ Small Business/Family owned
✅ IICRC certified technicians
✅ Fully licensed and insured
✅ We deal directly with your insurance

Explore Our Services

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Water Damage Restoration

The need for swift action comes down to the fact that standing water potentially becomes more contaminated and dangerous the longer it’s left untreated. As water sits in place, the risk of overall damage to to the affected and surrounding areas increases. As a result, water mitigation plays an important part of any water damage restoration plan.

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Mold Remediation

Our mold removal services are comprehensive mold remediation, mold odor removal, as well as cleaning and sanitation. We team up with a third-party mold inspection and testing company to accurately diagnose the damage and protect occupants and structures from potentially dangerous and damaging mold situations.

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Sewage Cleanup

If you’re dealing with a sewage backup in Baltimore, it’s crucial that you avoid the affected area and immediately call a professional restoration company. Sewage water is full of bacteria and viruses that can damage your property and health. Our team of IICRC certified technicians get your home cleaned, disinfected and livable again.


Homes, University/Schools, Restaurants, Churches, Daycare Centers, Health Clubs, Office Buildings, Fleet Vehicles, Medical Centers, and more.

It is imperative to keep your home and work environment safe for customers and employees.

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